Same ring, different angle. Lots of new rings have already sold on etsy, thanks for all the support :)

This one features a really nice watermelon tourmaline slice

Another one with the TEA stamp showing through the gem

Delta-V: The Blank Canvas Project

Collaboration with @liampowers and it’s available !

Please contact either of us for pricing

Another view another angle a new perspective for yall

Tanzanite ! Did you know it was originally called Zoisite and the marketing people at Tiffany’s thought Zoisite sounded too much like Suicide so they decided to rename it something more appealing and the landed on Tanzanite as its from Tanzania!

Tanzanite Rose Gold and Sterling silver ring with a little TEA logo stamped behind the gem !

Tonight is a good night to buy some jewelry, am I right ?

We gona make this swiEtch light up…
Even when the sun goes down

Yall be safe out there, have a fun weekend

Just look at that color!

Here’s some of the amber cut from the 1800’s African beads Ferg sources (see previous post)