TEA Moldavite Ring

Formal Wear FTW … Playing around with some ideas for the new TEA line dropping this Fall

Formal Wear FTW … New TEA line dropping late summer

Playing around with some ideas for the new cast series … Formal Wear FTW

Someone in a size 8 needs to jump on this ring, won’t be around long!

Stealth Series ::: Moldavite ::: Made for Astronauts and/or Aliens

that saw blade organizer tho …

Stealth Series: Mini Labradorite Pendant… Sold on Etsy and only two pendants left! Thanks for all the support y’all


That @genusapis is so HOT right now

Stealth Series ::: Project Iceworm

Lots of new jewelry recently added to the etsy shop! This Labradorite ring has a really great color flash!